Selected publications:

2021 "Artist Books from a Swedish point of view" by Thomas Millroth, publishers: Elleströms/Tragus & Walther und Franz König Verlag, ISBN: 9783960989424

2019 "Bientôt déjà hier" by Catherine de Breakeleer, Emmanuel Madec and Rainer Michael Mason, publisher: Centre de la Gravure et de l’image imprimée, Belgium

2019 "The Critical Fish Arts Journal", issue 1, UK

2019 ​"The Critical Fish Arts Journal," issue 2, UK ​ ​

2018 "Maja Spasova" interview in Art Reveal Magazine, 39th issue

2017 ​" Maja Spasova" interview with Melissa C. Hilborn and Dario Rutigliano, LandEscape Art Review, Anniversary Edition 

2017 *Leonardo," volume 50, issue 3, Online ISSN 1530-9282; Print ISSN 0024-094X

2016 "Maja Spasova" interview in Peripheral ARTeries Art Review, special art press edition ​

2016 "Taboo-Transgression-Transcedence in Art and Science" by Adam Zaretsky, publisher:

2014 "Maja Spasova, Drawings" by Elisabet Haglund and Maja Spasova, publisher: Bokforlaget Arena, ISBN: 9789178434367

2013 ​"Contemporary Art for Ordinary People" by S. Arrhenius, M. Dziurlikowska, A. Olofsson and others, publisher: Sveriges Konstforeningar, Sweden

2011 "Rörlig Konstruktion = Mobile Art Production" by Magdalena Malm and others, publisher: Axl Books, ISBN: 9789187952593

2011 ​"Public Art in Sweden", publisher: Books LLC, Wiki Series

2010Plats, Poetik och Politik” by Fagerström och Haglund, publisher: Bokforlaget Arena, ISBN: 9789178433261

2009 ​“Maja af Svea”, double CD-album with the sound art of Maja Spasova, text by Thomas Millroth, publisher: OlofBright, Sweden

2007 ​”Maja Spasova” monograph by Anders Olofsson, Beate Sydhoff and Niclas Östlind, publisher: Bokforlaget Arena,                      ISBN: 9789178432394

2007 "LARM: from mouth cavity to laptop: the sound of Nordic art" by Mona Petersson, Thomas Millroth and others, publisher: Kabusa Bocker, ISBN: 9789189680968

2006The Ceramic Process” by Anton Reijnders, publisher: A & C, UK and University of Pennsylvania Press, USA,

ISBN: 0812239326, 9780812239324    

2005 ​“Konstfeminism” by Anna Livion Ingvarsson, Barbro Wekmäster and Niclas Östlind, publisher: Bokforlaget Atlas,                ISBN-10: ‎9173892017
ISBN-13: ‎978-9173892018

2004Hemligheter” by Maja Spasova, publisher: En Bok för Alla, ISBN: 9789172213555

2000 ​"Jahrbuch 5 - Und funf und zehn. 10 Jahre", publisher: Akademie Schloss Solitude, ISBN-10: ‎392908564X
ISBN-13: ‎978-3929085648

1997ZKM” by Katharina Würm and Elisabeth Clegg, publisher: Prestel, USA

1996 "Orte" published by Dagmar Varady, ISBN: 3-00-000 885-3

1995On board” by Jerome Sans and Karin Schorm, publisher: Ritterverlag, ISBN: 978-3-85415-173-9

1994 ​“Swedish Samples” by Christian Chambert, Ingela Lind, Daniel Birnbaum, publisher: Propexus, ISBN 91-87952-12-2

1993Ein Buch über Stuttgart; Chronik meiner Zeit in Solitude” by Maja Spasova, publisher: Akademie Schloss Solitude, ISBN: 3929085100

1993 "Vingspeglar“ by Ingamaj Beck, publisher: Natur och Kultur, ISBN: 9127034593

1993 ​”Sublima Små Stunder” by Elisabeth Haitto and Sven-Olov Wallenstein, publisher: National Museum Stockholm,                 

ISBN: 9171004602

1991 ​"The Pleasure Garden" by Elisabeth Haitto and Gunnar Sillen, publisher: Gallery Enkehuset, Sweden  

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